Key Words

I will try to keep adding simple ideas to the blog for using the Triptico resources – ideas which take very little preparation and which can be used by all teachers of all subjects and in all languages.

This simple idea is a perfect way to revise key terms or vocabulary or dates – or whatever you like!

To create the activity, add a number of key words as Word Magnets and arrange them on the board. Then, simply flip each magnet over.

(You can also add a background to your activity if you like, as I have done in the image at the top of this post.)

To begin the activity, a student or group must select a magnet and flip it over to reveal the word. Once revealed, they must – for example – define the key word or use it in a sentence.

It would also be easy to add a competitive element to this simple activity if required.

The same idea would also work with images – add a number of images, flip them over to hide them and ask students to select one at random to describe or define.

You could also create the same activity with the Card Board resource, adding new cards each week until you have tens, hundreds or even thousands of cards to use in class or to share with colleagues or students.

One of the selectors could also be used to develop this ‘key word’ idea – for example, the Spring Selector. In the video below, this resource is selecting names at random, but it could be used to select key words:



This is a simple activity that can be created in less than a minute and saved to use again or to share with colleagues. You could even ask a group of students to provide the key words and ask them to judge whether the other students in the class have used the selected word correctly.

The activity could be developed in lots of ways too – perhaps asking students to provide synonyms or antonyms for each of the words on the board once defined.

I hope that this is helpful – please let me know what you think!