Website Update

The Triptico website has been updated – here’s what has changed and how you can make the most of the new features…


Redesigned 'Resources' Tab


The ‘Resources’ tab has been completely redesigned to make it much easier to find the resource that you are looking for.

I realised that, especially on IWBs where only two columns of resources were visible with the old design, it took an awful lot of scrolling to find the resource you were looking for.

With the new design, all of the resources are instantly available without the need for any scrolling at all. Simply choose a category and all of the resources in that category will be displayed.

Each resource is also accompanied by an image and a short piece of text – helpful, I hope, to people visiting the site for the first time and wanting a quick overview of what each resource does.

Newly designed resource tab

The response to this change has been overwhelmingly positive which is great news!


Restore Deleted Items


A simple, but powerful, new addition to the site.

If you ever delete a saved Triptico file or folder by mistake then you can restore it at the click of a button.

Check the ‘Show Deleted Saves’ box, find the deleted item and click the ‘Restore’ button.

Show Deleted Items Checkbox


Redesigned Top Bar


The bar that is visible when signed-in to the site has been redesigned too.

It has been split into two parts.

The left-hand section links to important announcements, offers, information and so on.

The right-hand section displays key information linked to your account. This includes the number of days remaining in your trial or subscription (as well as a button to add more days), the number of saved activities that you have and the number of groups that you belong to.

The new Top Bar


Note: You don’t need to wait until your trial or subscription has expired before adding more days. You can do it at any time – to take advantage of a special offer, for example – and all purchased days will be added to the number of days that you had remaining.



If you have any feedback or questions about any of these changes then please get in touch.

Thank you for visiting the Triptico blog.

Find the Answer – A New Triptico Resource

I added a brand new resource to the Triptico website last week – it is called Find the Answer and I hope that it will be helpful.

The game begins with twelve answers displayed on the board. Teams must study the board to try to memorise the position of each answer. When the music stops, the panels are hidden and the first question is revealed.

The first team must try to find the answer that matches the question. They select a panel and then must decide if the answer they have revealed is a correct match. If it is, they are shown a new question and their turn continues. If not, play passes to the next team.

As with all Triptico resources, it is very easy to create your own activities, for any topic and in any language. You can add images as answers too, as I have done in this Food and Drink activity:

Food and Drink – Find the Answer

Food and Drink Screenshot

The version of the Food and Drink activity would be helpful for students learning English, but it could be edited and adapted to work with any language in minutes:

Same activity in different languages.

You also have the option when setting up a new game to display the answers at all times rather than hiding them.

I hope that this new resource will be helpful – as ever, all feedback will be very much appreciated.

Connections – Image Update

The following question was posted recently to the activity feed:

Activity Feed Question

So, as you can see in the image above, I have now updated this resource to allow you to add images to ‘Connections’ activities that you create.

You can add as many images as you like – in the example above, I have created an entire board of images.

If you are signed-in to the Triptico website and would like to try the activity above then you can click the following link:

Image Connection Example

Thanks to Philip for posting this question to the activity feed – I hope that you will find his idea to be helpful in your own classrooms.

Find Ten – Against the Clock!

I have added a new mode to the Find Ten resource – a timed mode.

You can access it via the menu – it will shuffle your board and count how long it takes to find all of the correct answers.

Beware: an incorrect answer incurs a five second penalty!

Lots of people have asked me to add this feature and so I hope that it will be helpful and popular.

If you have any questions or feedback about this new feature then please let me know.

Here is a short video showing this new feature in action:

(Can’t see the video? Click here.)

I hope that this new mode will be helpful and will perhaps appeal to some of the more competitive learners in your classroom!



Resource Update: Class Count

I have updated the ‘Class Count’ resource and uploaded the new version to the site.

There are some new options which I hope will be helpful (such as the ability to change the font) and I have also changed the layout.

You can now include much more text in the voting options – with the old version, you only had space for a word or two.

I plan to continue working on the resource and want to add the option to hide the current standings (to make the vote a little more ‘secret’ if required). UPDATE: I have now added this feature!

Please let me know if you have any questions or feedback about this resource.

Note: The site will be changing over the next few days. Now that I have updated the majority of the resources, there will be a shift in the number that are free and the number that are a ‘thank you’ to subscribers for supporting the site.


Summer Offer!
If you are not a subscriber, you can take advantage of the summer offer and sign up for a full year for just £10.


Site Licence
There is also a special ‘site licence’ offer for just £249. This provides complete access to the entire Triptico site and resources for ALL staff on your site.


Please get in touch if you have any questions about these great offers!


Resource Update – Task Generator

I have just uploaded a new and improved version of the ‘Task Generator’ resource.

You can launch it from the ‘Tools’ section of the ‘Resources’ tab – and any activities that you have saved for this resource can now be launched and edited directly from the ‘My Saves’ tab.

There are some new features – including the option to use a different font to best suit your learners and the language that you are working in.

Creating new tasks is easy – and, as with all Triptico resources, the topic and level of difficulty is completely up to you.

You can even load different tasks for different groups – so, for example, you could give an advanced group a more challenging set of tasks. This is done by pressing the ‘Settings’ button (located at the bottom right of each group’s panel – see image above) and choosing a different set of tasks for the group.

I have also added a demo to this resource – it may be helpful if you are running a Triptico workshop as all of the tasks are related to the Triptico website and resources.

I hope that you will find this new version of the ‘Task Generator’ to be helpful – please let me know if you have any questions or feedback.




Triptico Prizes and a Resource Update

I have designed some postcards (currently at the printers) to send to people requesting prizes for their event.

Lots of people get in touch to say that they are running a workshop or a TeachMeet and would like a prize for the draw.

It is nice to be able to help such events – and soon I will have something a bit more professional to send out to the lucky winners!

If you are running an event and there is anything that Triptico can do to help then please get in touch.

If you are running a workshop about Triptico and you would like some ideas then, again, please get in touch.

Please also feel free to use any images or videos from the site that could be helpful.

Resource Update

I have started work on a new version of the popular ‘Card Board’ resource.

If you have any ideas for features that you would like to see added to this resource then please let me know and I will try my best to include them.

I am thinking of redesigning the cards slightly – at the moment, they have a front and back and you can flip between the two. I am thinking of making the cards more like those on ‘What’s the Question?’ – a card within a card.

This way, you will be able to see both parts of the card at the same time. From a learning point of view, I thought that this would be beneficial.

Any comments, please post them below or send me an email or Tweet.



New Resource: Task Timer

I have added another new resource to the Triptico website – a brand new version of the popular ‘Task Timer’ resource.

If you have not used this resource before, it is a simple timer – with a difference.

You can add a number of tasks and set a time limit for each. When the time for the first task reaches zero, the resource automatically moves to task two – and so on, until all tasks have been completed.

There are many ways in which the ‘Task Timer’ can be used – and using it allows you to move around the classroom helping / checking / questioning / encouraging your students.

You could even use it to run a quick quiz – with each question appearing for a number of seconds before automatically moving to the next question.

If you have used the resource before, any activities that you created with the old version will work with this brand new version. Simply load them from your ‘My Saves’ page.

I hope that this will be another helpful addition to the new website.

‘Task Timer’ brings the number of brand new interactive resources to nineteen, with seven ‘legacy’ resources left for me to update.

Please contact me or leave a comment below if you have any questions or feedback about this resource.

Thanks, David.

Updating the Order Sorter

Yet another ‘legacy’ resource has been updated – this time it is the ‘Order Sorter’ – which means that you can launch, share and manage activities for this resource directly from your ‘My Saves’ tab.

The new version works in much the same way as the previous version:

  1. Drag the panels up and down using the button on the left of each panel.
  2. Drop panels to automatically update and rearrange the activity.
  3. Click the main part of each panel to edit the text.
  4. Click the title to edit it.
  5. Drag panels to the right of the screen to delete them (release the panel when it is red to delete it – as shown in the image above).
  6. Add new panels by opening the menu and clicking the ‘Add New Panel’ button.
  7. Save a snapshot of your board (to use in a blog post or PowerPoint, for example) by clicking the ‘Save an Image of my Board’ button.
  8. Turn the sound on or off as required.

There are also some brand new features:

  1. You can change the font to best suit your learners and the language that you are working in.
  2. You can instantly randomise the panels with a click of a button in the menu.
  3. Following feedback via the activity stream, I have also added a ‘check’ button.
Note 1:
If you are planning to use the ‘Check’ button in an activity, you must make sure that the panels are in the correct order when you save them.
Note 2:
The ‘Check’ button will not work if you make changes during the activity – for example, if you remove a panel or edit a panel or add a new panel then the ‘Check’ button will not work until the activity has been saved and reloaded.



If you are new to the ‘Order Resource’ and are unsure about how to use it, here are a few ideas that may help:

  1. Put the stages of a process in the correct order.
  2. Arrange a list of directions in the correct order.
  3. Order a list of sums from lowest to highest answer.
  4. Put a list of words in alphabetical order.
  5. Put a list of countries in order of population.
  6. Put a timeline of events in the correct order.
  7. Use the resource to decide on the order of a lesson or workshop.
  8. Puts groups in order according to how well they are working.
  9. Put a poem in the correct order.
  10. Rank statements in order of importance (for example: ‘Why should we learn a second language?’).
  11. Put the characters from a novel or play in order according to various questions (‘Who is most to blame for…’, ‘Who is the most powerful…’).
  12. Arrange a recipe in the correct order before cooking.
  13. Order the most important things learned during a particular lesson.
  14. Order foods according to how healthy they are.
  15. Order a list of sports according to how many people make up a team.
  16. Order the planets by distance from the sun.
  17. Arrange a list of animals by the number of legs they have.
  18. Use the resource to randomly decide the order in which students or groups will deliver a presentation.
  19. Structure a piece of creative writing.
  20. Plan an essay.
  21. Put a sentence in the correct order.
  22. Drag a list of books into the order in which they were published.
  23. Arrange a list of elements by atomic number.
  24. Arrange a list of words in the order in which they entered the English language.
  25. Any of the above, in any language that you like!



In short, ‘Order Sorter’ is yet another incredibly flexible resource that you can adapt to suit any topic, for any age or ability of learner and in any language of your choice.

You can add as many panels as you like, edit them and remove them and – to push learners – add new panels during an activity.

When you have created an activity, you can share it with colleagues at the click of a button!

If you have any questions about this or any other Triptico resource then please get in touch.

I hope that you will find this new version of the ‘Order Sorter’ to be helpful – please let me know if you use it in your teaching: feedback is always very much appreciated (and may lead to a brand new feature – such as the addition of a ‘Check’ button!).

Thank you for visiting the Triptico blog, David.



Resource Update: What’s the Question?

I have updated and uploaded a new version of the popular ‘What’s the Question?’ resource.

This means that you can now…

  1. Launch saved ‘What’s the Question?’ activities directly from the ‘My Saves’ tab.
  2. Share saved ‘What’s the Question?’ activities with individuals or groups.
  3. Select the font that is best for your learners and for the language that you are working in.
  4. Add images as answers.

I hope that the last of these improvements will be really helpful and inspire lots of new ideas for using the resource.

In the example above, language learners choose an image and say the word for the animal that they have chosen (an idea which will work in any language).

In a different subject, the images could be parts of the body, bones in the body, foods, chemical symbols, road signs, flags, flowers, sporting equipment, tools, musical instruments – whatever you like!

As with all Triptico resources, you can make the activity as challenging as you like – and to perfectly suit any topic in any language.

The activities above do not fit the traditional ‘What’s the Question?’ format – and I did consider changing the name of the resource – but they provide an opportunity for imaginative teachers to explore different ways of using the resource.

I hope that this will be a helpful and popular update – I look forward to seeing the activities that people are able to create and share with this new resource!