Flipping Names!

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I thought I would share a simple Word Magnet idea that I used as an introductory activity to a workshop I ran recently.

I began with a ‘Present / Absent’ background and added the name of each participant to the board as a magnet. I was then able to learn a little about each member of the group before moving their magnet across to the ‘Present’ side of the board.

I then changed the background and asked each participant to flip their name over to reveal a word. Their task was to move the revealed word to the correct area of the board. The other members of the group could help them and it was a nice way of introducing the Word Magnet resource and some of its features.

The activity required a little bit of preparation on my part: I had a list of all of the participants and so I was able to use the ‘Load a List’ feature to create the ‘name’ magnets instantly. I then flipped each name over and added text to the back using the ‘Edit’ feature, before flipping all of the magnets back to the name side and saving the activity.

The image at the top of the post demonstrates one way in which this idea could be used: flip over your name to reveal a country and then move it according to the continent it belongs to.

You could flip to reveal a sum which has to be dragged to the correct answer, a word which has to be moved to the correct word class, a trait to be matched to a particular character and so on – the possibilities are endless.

You could also create a similar activity a lot quicker if you left one side of the magnets blank and asked people to choose a magnet at random to flip over and position. The benefit of creating an activity in this way is that it can be used time and time again with different groups – although it does not have the ‘personal’ touch of the name version.

I hope that this is a helpful idea – please let me know if you have a chance to try it!

PS: If you would like to use the background I created for the example above, you can find it here. (It doesn’t look like much, but save it and add it to a magnet board with a dark background and it will show up!)

Key Words

I will try to keep adding simple ideas to the blog for using the Triptico resources – ideas which take very little preparation and which can be used by all teachers of all subjects and in all languages.

This simple idea is a perfect way to revise key terms or vocabulary or dates – or whatever you like!

To create the activity, add a number of key words as Word Magnets and arrange them on the board. Then, simply flip each magnet over.

(You can also add a background to your activity if you like, as I have done in the image at the top of this post.)

To begin the activity, a student or group must select a magnet and flip it over to reveal the word. Once revealed, they must – for example – define the key word or use it in a sentence.

It would also be easy to add a competitive element to this simple activity if required.

The same idea would also work with images – add a number of images, flip them over to hide them and ask students to select one at random to describe or define.

You could also create the same activity with the Card Board resource, adding new cards each week until you have tens, hundreds or even thousands of cards to use in class or to share with colleagues or students.

One of the selectors could also be used to develop this ‘key word’ idea – for example, the Spring Selector. In the video below, this resource is selecting names at random, but it could be used to select key words:



This is a simple activity that can be created in less than a minute and saved to use again or to share with colleagues. You could even ask a group of students to provide the key words and ask them to judge whether the other students in the class have used the selected word correctly.

The activity could be developed in lots of ways too – perhaps asking students to provide synonyms or antonyms for each of the words on the board once defined.

I hope that this is helpful – please let me know what you think!

Simple Starter Idea

I shared an idea for a simple starter activity on the site recently and thought I would write a quick blog post about it.

The activity requires students to label an image using the Word Magnet resource – and I have added a competitive, team element to it.

Idea One

Upload an image as a background to your Word Magnet board and add labels as I have done in the example below:

Labelled Image

A student from team one must choose a label and drag it to the correct place on the image. If they do this correctly, they win a point for their team. If they do this incorrectly, the label is returned to the side and the opposing team (or teams) win a point.

The game continues until all of the labels have been positioned correctly.

Idea Two

This is the same as the idea above, but with a twist…

As you can see in the example below, I have flipped the magnets over and so the teams do not know what their label will say until they choose it and flip it over:

Flipped Magnets

This adds a random element to the game and an extra challenge for the students.

Idea Three

Another twist on the original idea – this one requires no preparation at all for the teacher and will really challenge each team!

You begin the game with a blank board and each team must add labels of their own and position them correctly:

No Labels

If a team is unable to add a label then they are out of the game!

At the end of the game, you should have an image full of labels. You could save the activity at this point and use it again in the future… or publish it for students to access at home and use for revision!

Developing the Idea Further

This simple idea could be developed even further.

For example, in the example below, I have created ‘anagram’ magnets. Students must solve each anagram before they are able to place the magnet – and then flip the magnet to discover if they were correct:

Anagram Magnets

As with all Triptico activities, this idea will work with all languages and in all subjects. For example, in a geography lesson, a map could be uploaded as the image background and labelled. In biology, a diagram of a heart could be used. You can make the activity as simple or as complex as you like.

If you have a chance to try this activity – or if you have any ideas for how it could be developed further – then please let me know.

I hope that this idea will be helpful!

An Interactive Starter in Less than 50 Seconds!

It is easy to create interactive learning resources with Triptico.

The video below shows how I was able to create the resource in the image above in less than 50 seconds!

What’s more, once I have saved the resource, I can easily share it with other teachers. They can use it exactly as it is – or perhaps adapt it slightly to suit the requirements of their learners.

Teachers of other subjects may take the idea and apply it to their own subject…

Find the ten verbs
Find the six noble gases
Find the eight muscles located in the upper body
Find the ten landlocked countries
Food Technology
Find the five foods which are high in vitamin C

Very easy to create, very easy to adapt – interactive, engaging activities on any topic, in any language and for any age or ability of learner.

Some of the activities above could even make use of the option to add images to your Find Ten panels. For example, the Food Technology activity could have pictures of fifteen foods, but no text. Students would need to first identify the food and then decide if it was high in vitamin C.

If you have 50 seconds to spare, you can watch the video below and see how simple it is to create, save and share interactive resources of your own:

Can’t see the video? It is available here.

Please post questions or comments below.

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