Flipping Names!

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I thought I would share a simple Word Magnet idea that I used as an introductory activity to a workshop I ran recently.

I began with a ‘Present / Absent’ background and added the name of each participant to the board as a magnet. I was then able to learn a little about each member of the group before moving their magnet across to the ‘Present’ side of the board.

I then changed the background and asked each participant to flip their name over to reveal a word. Their task was to move the revealed word to the correct area of the board. The other members of the group could help them and it was a nice way of introducing the Word Magnet resource and some of its features.

The activity required a little bit of preparation on my part: I had a list of all of the participants and so I was able to use the ‘Load a List’ feature to create the ‘name’ magnets instantly. I then flipped each name over and added text to the back using the ‘Edit’ feature, before flipping all of the magnets back to the name side and saving the activity.

The image at the top of the post demonstrates one way in which this idea could be used: flip over your name to reveal a country and then move it according to the continent it belongs to.

You could flip to reveal a sum which has to be dragged to the correct answer, a word which has to be moved to the correct word class, a trait to be matched to a particular character and so on – the possibilities are endless.

You could also create a similar activity a lot quicker if you left one side of the magnets blank and asked people to choose a magnet at random to flip over and position. The benefit of creating an activity in this way is that it can be used time and time again with different groups – although it does not have the ‘personal’ touch of the name version.

I hope that this is a helpful idea – please let me know if you have a chance to try it!

PS: If you would like to use the background I created for the example above, you can find it here. (It doesn’t look like much, but save it and add it to a magnet board with a dark background and it will show up!)