Class Count Screenshot

Resource Update: Class Count

I have updated the ‘Class Count’ resource and uploaded the new version to the site.

There are some new options which I hope will be helpful (such as the ability to change the font) and I have also changed the layout.

You can now include much more text in the voting options – with the old version, you only had space for a word or two.

I plan to continue working on the resource and want to add the option to hide the current standings (to make the vote a little more ‘secret’ if required). UPDATE: I have now added this feature!

Please let me know if you have any questions or feedback about this resource.

Note: The site will be changing over the next few days. Now that I have updated the majority of the resources, there will be a shift in the number that are free and the number that are a ‘thank you’ to subscribers for supporting the site.


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