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"Amazing teaching tool. I’ve been using it for my lessons every day."

Dynamic, interactive teaching tools to enhance student engagement and learning.

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With over 554,623 lessons and resources created so far, discover why teachers around the world choose Triptico to elevate their lessons.

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"Absolutely loving the the new version of Triptico."
🇦🇪 Bryson, UAE

What is Triptico?

Triptico is your all-in-one solution for interactive, adaptable content. From lessons and presentations to collaborative tasks and quizzes, our tools make learning stick. Share seamlessly between classroom and home to keep the education journey on track.

Integrated Learning Tools

Create, save and share activities, lessons and presentations within Triptico’s streamlined, user-friendly platform.

AI Assistant!

Simply describe the activity you need and our AI Assistant will create it for you, saving valuable time for your lesson planning.

Engaging and Innovative Features.

Discover features crafted for maximum student engagement. From interactive quizzes to collaborative tasks, Triptico's toolbox stimulates critical thinking, creativity and lively classroom discussions.

Share Effortlessly, Anytime, Anywhere.

Deliver your lesson materials directly to students with unparalleled ease. Triptico ensures your resources reach every learner on any device, streamlining education in and out of the classroom.

Custom-Crafted for Every Classroom

Transform each lesson into the perfect learning experience. Effortlessly tailor content to meet the diverse needs and learning styles of your students. Start creating today with a free trial!

"Triptico has truly enhanced my students' participation in class!"

🇨🇦 Glenn, Canada

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